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Crago, John Moore (1901)

updated November 7, 2013.

Dentist. Victim of Identity Theft.

Degree in Dentistry (Penn.) 1900. James Truman Dental Society, University of Pennsylvania. Adress in 1898: #3741 Spruce Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Hong Kong net.1901-nlt.1912. Kuala Lumpur nlt.1912-net.1919, ran a flourishing dental practice hiring several dentistry graduates from the University of Pennsylvania.

HONG KONG net.1901-nlt.1912.  Private practitioner, the practice of Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble.

[A number of dentistry graduates of the University of Pennsylvania practiced in Hong Kong within this period:
Joseph Whittlesey Noble, Penn. 1883, Hong Kong 1887, Drs. Poate and Noble, later his own practice. John Moore Crago, Penn. 1900, Hong Kong 1901, Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Leidy Roger Reel, Penn. 1900, Hong Kong ca.1900, Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Frederick Hoard Kew, Penn.1903, Hong Kong , Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble, later Drs. Kew Brothers. Emerson G. Curry, Penn. 1904, Hong Kong , Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. George T. Lemis, Penn. 1905, Hong Kong , Drs. Kew Brothers.]

[I found this incredible story of Crago published in the October 12, 1912 issue of the Strait Times that I wish to share with the readership. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the follow up report(s) to find out how the story ended.

The Dentist's Double
Kuala Lumpur Practitioner's Action At Brooklyn.
Dr. J.M. Crago, who will be remembered as a successful dental practitioner of Kuala Lumpur, is at present in America on a visit. He has had an experience which entitles him to some sympathy, if the facts are as set out by the New York Herald of August 22. Dr. Crago – who by the way is described as Dr. John M. Crago of Hong Kong – and Dr. John M. Crago, of Brooklyn, “will face each other soon in the court of special sessions in that borough.” The second-named, a gentleman of Madison St., Brooklyn, whose offices are in the Broadway, is to defend an action under Section 203 of the Public Health Law, charging him with practicing dentistry unlawfully, he not being registered, it is alleged. He is further alleged to be using an assumed name. Dr. John Moore Crago (of Kuala Lumpur), to come to the point, was formerly of Brooklyn, and is registered in that town. He was, it seems, at Carbondale, Pa, when a funny thing happened (if anything connected with dentistry can be called humorous). “Who is the Dr. John M. Crago practicing dentistry in Brooklyn?” read a message received by him one day. For reply Dr. Crago went to Brooklyn, and learned about an ulcerated tooth, and an alleged unsuccessful operation by the other man. Hence the action.
Finally, we may quote the Herald at saying: “The Dr. John M. Crago, who was registered here in 1901 is well built, blonde and athletic. He is no fake... This other Dr. Crago, whose registration I cannot locate, is small, slight – and sallow,”
On the other side the lawyer for the Brooklyn dentist says he has known Dr. Crago for years.

I found another article in the Brooklyn Daily Standard Union, August 7, 1912:

Accused Dentist Says He Is Registered
John M. Crago, 33 years old, of 1317 Broadway, was before Magistrate McGuire today in Gates Avenue Court, charged with practicing dentistry without first having registered. Crago declared he was registered in 1901 and the magistrate adjourned the case until August 14. Crago was paroled.]

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