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The Dental Board

updated April 5, 2014.

Dental Board Appointments

The Dental Board was composed of five members. The Principal Civil Medical Officers was at all time the ex officio member who acted as Chairman of the Board; the remaining four (two dental and two medical practitioners[1]) were appointees of the Governor of Hong Kong.

YearDental PractitionersMedical Practitioners Remarks
1914Frederick Howard Kew
Joseph Whittlefey Noble
George Ernest Aubrey
Frederic Osmund Stedman
the first board was appointed on July 17
1916dittodittoGeorge William McKean (acting, vice Noble, aol, 7/21-)
1917Frederick Howard Kew
Joseph Whittlefey Noble
George Ernest Aubrey
Oswald Marriott (new, vice Stedman, 7/17)
Oswald Marriott (acting, vice Stedman, aol, 4/27-)
Edward Evans Jones (acting, vice Noble, aol, [n.d.])
1918Irvin Whiteley Kew (new, vice F.H. Kew, 8/2)
Joseph Whittlefey Noble
George Ernest Aubrey
George Duncan Ralph Black (new, vice Marriott, 8/2)[2]
the Kews were related (probably close cousins) and practiced under the name of Kew Brothers
1919dittodittoHermann Balean (acting, vice Black, aol, 8/15-)
1920dittoGeorge Duncan Ralph Black
Stuart Segein Strahan (new, vice Aubrey, resigned, 6/9)
Mehdy Edward Asger (vice Jones, 6/9)
1921Frederick Howard Kew (new, vice I.W. Kew, 10/28)
Joseph Whittlefey Noble
George Duncan Ralph Black
Charles Forsyth (new, vice Strahan, resigned, 3/24)
1922Joseph Whittlefey Noble
George William McKean (new, vice F.H. Kew, resigned, 6/2)
1923George William McKean
Frederick Thompson (probably vice Noble who had been absent from the post since 1917 , 6/9)
dittoHermann Balean (vice Black, aol, 5/15-)
Stuart Segein Strahan (vice Forsyth, aol, 5/15-)
1924Ralph Ekin Gill (new, vice McKean, 6/13)
Frederick Thompson
George Duncan Ralph Black
James Cyril Dalmahoy Allan (new, probably vice Forsyth, 10/2)
Allan Wrigh Shovelton (vice Thompson, aol, 6/13-)
1926Ralph Ekin Gill
Hilmar Florenz Sommers (new, probably vice Thompson, 6/21)
George Duncan Ralph Black
Stuart Segein Strahan (new, vice Allan, 1/6)
Hermann Balean (acting, vice Black, aol, 10/26-)
Frederick Thompson (vice [s.n.], 12/23)
1928James Stoble Dykes (new, probably vice Gill, 5/26)
Hilmar Florenz Sommers
1932dittodittoHermann Balean (acting, vice Black, aol, 12/7-)
1934dittodittoEdmond Cecil Humphreys (acting, vice Dykes, [n.d.])
1936ditto ditto 
1937Cyril Herbert Burton (new, vice Dykes, [n.d.])
Hilmar Florenz Sommers
dittoHermann Balean (acting, vice Black, aol, [n.d.])
Jack Thomas (acting, vice Burton, [n.d.])
1939dittoJames William Anderson (new, vice Strahan, [n.d.])
George Duncan Ralph Black
1940dittodittoRussell Glover Shannon (acting, vice Burton, 4/19-; 7/1- )

[1] My interpretation of the reason behind why a simple majority in the Dental Board was held in the hands of medical practitioners (since the Chairman was always a surgeon or physician) rather than dentists was that at the time of the Board's inception, there were no British dentists practicing in Hong Kong. They were mostly American or Chinese, factually, the first eight dental surgeons registered to practice in Hong Kong were American Edward Evan Jones, George William McKean and Noble; Chinese descent Kew brothers; Eurasian Mehdy Edward Asger; Hong Kong Chinese Chaun Moon-hung 周夢熊; and Portuguese Arthur De Carvalho. It was unthinkable to leave the control of the Board in the hands of non-Britons, I imagine. Still, I wonder why the composition remained unchanged at later years where British dentists were plentiful.

[2] George Duncan Ralph Black was the longest serving member of the Dental Board. He was appointed in 1918 and had been since then on the Board without interruption until 1941; he served a total of 24 years.



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