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Koch, Wilfred Vincent Miller (1903)

updated on April 8, 2014.

b. October 29, 1862 Jaffna, Ceylon - d. August 28, 1939. St. Thomas' College, Ceylon. MB, CM 1884, MD 1895, (Edin.). Medical officer, various hospitals in London and Sheffield 1884-88. Colonial Medical Services 1889, Trinidad 1889-1903, Army Major in command of the Trinidad Artillery. Hong Kong 1903.

HONG KONG 1903. Government doctor, Medical Officer 1903-17; Superintendent, Government Civil Hospital 1914-17. Registered to practice November 2, 1917. Private practitioner 1917. Sanitary Board 1920-25. Legislative Council 1926. Licensing Board November 14, 1927, three years term. Justice of the Peace. Vice President, HKBMA 1907-08. District surgeon, St. John Ambulance Overseas Brigade. Lecturer in Surgery, HKCMC 1905-12. Lecturer in Surgery, HKU 1912-17[1]. University Senate, HKU 1912. Club: Hong Kong. Address: Hotel Mansions 1917.

s/o Edwin Lawson Koch, MD[2]
m/1 Ida Nathan; m/2 Ellen Elliott Drake Briscoe; m/3 Elsie M. Thompson.

Publications: A research into the etiology of beri-beri, together with a report on an outbreak in the Po-Leung-Ku, co-author William Hunter, 1906.

[Koch was referred to as a professor in several sources without specifying the name(s) of university and faculty.]
[1] HKCMC teachers transferred to the staff of the Faculty of Medicine, HKU in 1912 were: Francis William Clark, Charles Forsyth, Arthur C. Franklin, Gregory Paul Jordan, Frederick Theobald Keyt, Wilfred Vincent Miller Koch, Harold MacFarlane, Oswald Marriott and Wilfred William Pearse.

[2] Koch Sr. (b.1838, Jaffna, Ceylon – d. 1877, Jaffna, Ceylon) was a descendent of Godfried Koch of Brandenburg, Prussia who went to India in the ship "Rosenberg" in 1755 and later moved to Jaffna. Koch Sr. was a much loved and respected doctor in Ceylon. He was also the second principal of the Colombo Medical School. When he suddenly died at the age of 39, the grateful public of Ceylon offered subscriptions to pay for W.V.M. Koch’s medical education in Britain. [What I fail to find is any information that mentions Koch, the son, had worked in Ceylon to repay the society that he owed his medical career.]

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, November 2, 1917, #488; February 23, 1923, #86; November 10, 1927, #657.


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