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Kew, Frederick Howard (1894-EOP, excl.1928)

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Frederick Howard Kew. Credit: ancestry.com

Name variations: Frederick Howard Ah Kew. DDS (Penn.) 1903. Hong Kong nlt.1894.

HONG KONG nlt.1894. Clerk to the Attorney General December 11, 1894 - August 1900. Resided at #43 Caine Road 1905-06. Private practitioner nlt.1904-EOP, excl.1928, Drs. Kew Brothers [1], address 1: #39, Queen's Road 1904; address 2: # 6&7 Alexandra Building nlt.1937-EOP. Dental Board (one of the five initial members [2]) July 17, 1914 - 1918, resigned, replaced by Irvin Whiteley Kew; reappointed October 28, 1921 - May 1922, resigned. Registered dental surgeon 1914-27; re-registered 1929-40 [3], one of the first eight dentists registered with the government following the regulation of the practice of dentistry on May 7, 1914 [4]. Temporary Surgeon-Lieutenant, HKVDC August 19, 1916. Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, interned 1942-45, Kowloon Hotel 1942.

William Ah Kew. Credit: mundia
b. 1874, Maryborough (or Ballarat), Victoria, Australia, Eurasian - d.1952, Hong Kong, bur. Hong Kong Cemetery, Happy Valley. s/o William Ah Kew (b.1837, Shunde, Guangdong 廣東省佛山市順德區 - d.1921, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia; government interpreter (in Victoria); m. Castlemaine, Victoria 1860) and Sarah Honoria Whiteley (b.1841, Halifax, Yorkshire, England - d. July 5, 1906, Hong Kong; d/o George Whiteley and Mariann Chadwick). Siblings: 1. Joseph Whiteley Kew (b.1861-d.1949, Hong Kong; ship's engineer; Government Surveyor of Boilers of unlicensed steamships under 60 tons burden June 11, 1907; m. Ruby Evelyn Holt 1903; [s.p.]); 2. George William Kew (b.1863-d.1942); 3. Marian Harriet Kew (b.1865); 4. Charles Herbert Kew (b.1867-d.1932, Hong Kong; merchant; m. [s.n.] 1895); 5. Akid Robert Isaac (Ah) Kew (b.1869-d.1896, Hong Kong, bur. Hong Kong Cemetery, Happy Valley); 6. Chadwick Thomas Kew (b.1871-d.1951, Hertfordshire, England; dentist; DDM (Harv.)); 7. Alfred Ernest Kew (1873-d.infancy, or neonatal death); 8. Ida Susannah Kew (b.1873-d.infancy, or neonatal death); and 9. Walter Irvin Kew (b.1877); all the Kew children were born in Victoria, Australia.
m. Mildred [s.n.], of USA. Had issues: 1. Jacqueline Harriot Kew, d.1948 (or 1943), bur. Hong Kong Cemetery, Happy Valley; age 16.

[A number of dentistry graduates of the University of Pennsylvania practiced in Hong Kong within this period: Joseph Whittlesey Noble, (Penn.) 1883, Hong Kong 1887, Drs. Poate and Noble, later his own practice. John Moore Crago, (Penn.) 1900, Hong Kong 1901, Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Leidy Roger Reel, (Penn.) 1900, Hong Kong ca.1900, Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Frederick Hoard Kew, (Penn.) 1903, Hong Kong , Drs. Kew Brothers. Emerson G. Curry, (Penn.) 1904, Hong Kong , Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. George T. Lemis, (Penn.) 1905, Hong Kong , Drs. Kew Brothers.]

[Kew was robbed by one of his former house servants in May 1926. The stolen articles had included one gold-plated alarm clock, one gold wrist watch, one gold charm and, believe it or not, one "gold tongue-scrapper", with a total value of $115. The servant, a young man who used to take care of Kew's dogs, was tried on June 1, 1926. Kew asked that the man be given a flogging and then banished. The presiding judge remarked that flogging was not provided for an offence of this nature and sentenced the man to six months hard labor.]

[On June 24, 1931, Kew was attacked by a Chinese man, a native of Tung Kun (Dongguan) 廣東省東莞市 who had no fixed abode in Hong Kong, in Ice House Street outside the Dutch Bank. The Chinese man struck Kew's head with a bamboo pole causing some injuries, but not too serious. The man was brought to the court with a charge of common assault; but on June 30, 1931, Kew's lawyer brought three additional charges, far more serious ones, to the assaulter: assault with intent to maim, disfigure or cause other grievous bodily harm; assault occasioning grievous bodily ham; and attempted murder. Unfortunately, I was unable to find follow-up stories to see if this mysterious attack had led to a more complex conspiracy.]

[Kew was brought to the court of law for assaulting a Chinese stock broker, Yau Lok-pin, in November 1932 following an argument-turned-fracas between the two. Kew was himself a stock broker, and the two were referred to by newspapers as "famous Ice House Street broker" (the stock exchange was then housed at Holland House in Ice House Street). On November 17, 1932, Kew applied a counter summons against Yau - for assault. Again, no follow-up stories were found to see how the case went. Kew's name appeared twice in the front page of newspapers, in both occasions, assaults were at the center of the stories]

[1] Kew partnered with Irvin Whiteley Kew and styled their practice "Drs. Kew Brothers". The two Kews were not brothers, but must be closely related. Kew's own brother Chadwick Thomas Kew was a dentist (DDM, Harv.); he however had not practiced in Hong Kong. I will sort this out when I can.
[2] Inaugural members of the Dental Board July 17, 1914: John Taylor Connell Johnson (PCMO, ex-official, chairman), George Ernest Aubrey, Frederic Osmund Stedman, Frederick Hoard Kew, Joseph Whittlesey Noble.
[3] The Dental Register 1941 is not available; it is unknown whether or not it actually exists. Kew and Mehdy Edward Asger were the only dental surgeons to have registered from 1914 through 1940.
[4] The first dental surgeons registered with the government following the enactment of the Dentistry Ordinance 1914: Mehdy Edward Asger, Arthur de Carvalho, Chaun Moon Hung 周夢熊, Edward Evan Jones, Frederick Howard Kew, Irvin Whiteley Kew, George Wiliam McKean, and Joseph Whittlesey Noble.

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