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Dovey, John Edward (1929-EOP)

updated October 16, 2013

MBChB (Edin.). Medical missionary. China 1925-26. Hong Kong nlt.1929-net.EOP, government doctor. Honor: The Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, Serving Brother December 20, 1937; Officer June 19, 1941.

HONG KONG nlt.1929. Hong Kong Government 1929-EOP, Medical Officer In-Charge, Kowloon Mortuary 1929; Railway Medical Officer [n.d.] - March 28, 1930; Medical Officer, Kowloon Hospital [n.d.] - March 25, 1930; Medical Officer, Victoria General and Maternity Hospital March 25, 1930; Medical Officer, Venereal Diseases Clinics April 1, 1930; Medical Office In-Charge, Government Civil Hospital September 1932 - February 8, 1934. Medical Officer In-Charge, Victoria General and Maternity Hospital February 24, 1934, January 1 - February 6, 1936. JP (official) September 14, 1932 - EOP. Lecturer in Therapeutics, HKU 1933-34. Defense Reserve, Key Post Group January 25, 1940. Wartime and postwar whereabouts unknown.

m. [s.n.] [1]

[Dovey gave a presentation at the Rotary Club on March 2, 1937 on the topic of "Defense Against Gas"; the speech was illustrated by a number of large models of a De-contamination Station, a gas-proof residence, and other anti-gas equipment. He was earlier sent to Felfield, Gloucestershire to take an intensive course on the subject.]

[There were two other Dovey(s) in Hong Kong around that time. Ernest Roadley Dovey joined the Hong Kong Civil Service as a Government Analyst in the Medical Department in 1915 and held that position until 1932, if not later. He had been a Justice of the Peace since 1922. He was the in Police Reserve and in 1928 was appointed as its Assistant Superintendent, and more interestingly was given the command of the Sharp Shooters' Section. The second Dovey was Dr. (Mrs.) Agnes Lilias Jenkins Dovey, who registered to practice in Hong Kong in 1928, and was in the course of 1928 to 1938 appointed to the Midwives Board, Nurses Board, and as an Inspector of Schools. She served as a Squadron Leader in RAF, attached to Bomer Command Headquarters in WWII. I wonder if the three Dovey(s) were somehow related.]

[1] Dovey was married and his wife was with him in Hong Kong, whether or not she was Agnes Lilias Jenkins is something I must investigate. As in the case of Dovey, Jenkins also received her MB, ChB degrees from the University of Edinburgh.

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