Sunday, December 1, 2013

Higashi Kiichi (1934-1940)

updated December 2, 2013.


DDS Tokyo Dental College 東京齒科大學. Hong Kong nlt.1934.

HONG KONG nlt. 1934. Registered dental surgeon 1934, but listed as an Exempted Person [1] 1937-40 [2]. Private practitioner 1934-40.

[1] Certificates of Exemption were issued to applicants who had long history practicing dentistry in Hong Kong but lacked the academic qualifications to become Registered Dental Surgeons. It is odd that Higashi was considered not qualified in 1937 after having been registered as a dental surgeon for three years.
[2] The Dental Register 1941 is not available; it is unknown whether or not it actually exists.

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, May 4, 1934, #361; May 7, 1937, #322; May 10, 1940, #537.


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