Friday, September 27, 2013

Young, Peter F.H. (1843)


Surgeon in the East India Company, surgeon, Nemesis (iron steamship). Hong Kong, nlt.1843. Private hospital, Doctor-in-Charge, Hong Kong Seamen's Hospital 1843-46. Hong Kong Government, Colonial Surgeon 1846-47 [1].

Related to James Young.

[1] At the request of John Francis Davis, the 2nd governor, Young gave up his private practice and took up the office of Colonial Surgeon, which was vacated following the death of Francis Dill. He was the third locally recruited Colonial Surgeon. What Davis and Young didn't know was that the Home Government had decreed that the Colonial Surgeon's post should be filled by a London appointee. Young had to step down ten months after he was appointed to make way for William Morrison who arrived Hong Kong in mid 1847 as London’s appointee to take over his job.


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