Monday, November 11, 2013

Home, William E. (1898)

updated November 11, 2013.

BSc; MD. RN, Surgeon; HMS Swallow 1893-94 [1]; Staff Surgeon August 20, 1897; Hong Kong nlt.1898. Fleet Surgeon; HMS Excellent.

HONG KONG nlt.1898. RN, Staff Surgeon. Temporary Deputy Health Officer of the Port April 16, 1898.

[1] I found the following commendation for war service of Home while serving on Swallow:-
W. E. Home, Surgeon of Swallow, landed with Naval Brigade from Blanche, Swallow, and Sparrow, under Commander Lindley, assisted by 70 native troops at Vitui, Zanzibar [Tanzania], August, I893, to punish a robber chief, Fumo Omari, who had indulged in various acts of treachery. His fortified strongholds at Pumwani and Jongeni [Kenya] were stormed and captured with great gallantry (medal with clasp)...

Selected bibliography: The British Medical Journal, September 4, 1897, p.620. The Hong Kong Government Gazette, April 16, 1898, #172.


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