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Shaw, Ernest Albert (1909)

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BA; MD; FHA. RN March 26, 1899; Staff Surgeon 1903; Malta 1904, Mediterranean Fever Commission 1904 [1]; Fleet Surgeon; Hong Kong nlt.1909. HMS Antrim October 2, 1911; Surgeon Commander nlt.1919. Honor: OBE 1919.

HONG KONG nlt.1909. Acting Government Bacteriologist and Medical Officer In-charge, Public Mortuary, Victoria (vice William Hunter, deceased) June 1909- April 13, 1910.

[1] The Mediterranean Fever Commission (1904-1907) was formed in 1904 by the Royal Society at the request of the Secretary for the Colonies owing to the great concern about the prevalence in Malta of Mediterranean Fever. The initial members consisted of Colonel D. Bruce RAMC as president, together with Major W.H. Horrocks RAMC, Staff Surgeon Ernest Albert Shaw RN, and Dr. T. Zammit MD, Board of Health, Malta, assisted by Captain J. Crawford Kennedy RAMC (appointed late in 1904), and by Staff-Surgeon Robert Thomas Gilmour RN (who placed his spare time at the service of the Commission in 1904 and 1905). Later members included Lieutenant-Colonel A.M. Davies RAMC, Dr J.W.H. Eyre (Bacteriologist to Guy's Hospital), Majors J.G. McNaught, T. McCulloch and J.C. Weir RAMC, Dr R.W. Johnstone (Local Government Board), Staff-Surgeon F.H.A. Clayton RN, and Fleet-Surgeon P.W. Bassett-Smith RN.

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