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Gilmour, Robert Thomas (1897)

updated November 11, 2013

b. November 1, 1867 [or October 20, 1867, or 1868], Hampshire, England – d.1946. Epson College 1882-85; matriculated to study at St. Mary's Hospital 1884, Entrance Scholarship; conjoint diploma of LRCP, MRCS (Lond.) 1905; LSA. RN, May 16, 1894; Surgeon, HMS Tamar nlt.1897; Hong Kong nlt.1897; HMS Vernon January 11, 1898; HMS Herald, May 1, 1899; Staff Surgeon May 16, 1902; Malta, Surgeon, Bihi Royal Naval Hospital 1902; Malta Fever Commission, Tropical Diseases Committee 1904; HMS Talbot, January 22, 1906; Fleet Surgeon May 16, 1910; HMS Glasgow September 17, 1912; retired January 12, 1916 [1]. Address in 1920: #32 Castle Hill, Maiden- head, Berkshire, England. Publications: Description of a Method of Cultivating the M. Melitensis from Small Quantities of Peripheral Blood and Inoculation Experiments with the Microorganisms Isolated, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Vol. #5, p.435.

HONG KONG nlt.1897. Surgeon, HMS Tamar. Temporary Deputy Health Officer of the Port April 16, 1898. Honorary Surgeon, Alice Memorial Hospital. Lecturer in Chemistry and Physics, HKCMC.

s/o G. H. D. Gilmour, surgeon, of Andover, Hampshire.
m. Madelaine Starrier Malta September 8, 1903; b.1898, d/o George Henry Starrier. Had issue: 1. [s.n.] daughter, b. November 20, 1906.

[1] Only one source out of many I've reviewed named Gilmour's rank as Surgeon Commander. This cannot be right as the the rank of Surgeon Commander only came into being in 1918, it was Fleet Surgeon before that. Gilmour retired in 1916.

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