Monday, December 16, 2013

Random Snippets

updated December 16, 2013.
  • Two doctors, in addition to their medical profession, were qualified barristers. They were, namely: John Pope-Hennessy 軒尼詩 (MD, Queen’s Univ., Belfast; barrister, Inner Temple) and Ho Kai 何啟 (MBCM, Aberdeen Univ. 1879; barrister, Linclon's Inn). Neither of them practiced medicine in Hong Kong, Pope-Henessy was the 8th Colonial Governor of Hong Kong (1877-83). Ho found no market in the city: Chinese wanted nothing to do with Western medicine; Westerners wanted no Chinese doctor, Aberdeen graduated notwithstanding.

  • Nine Colonial Surgeons were appointed during the first 42 months following the establishment of Hong Kong. Out of the nine, four had died in office, they were: Francis Dill (1844-d.1846); William Morrison (1847-d.1853); William Aurelius Harland (1857-d.1858); Robert W. McCoy (1873-d.[h.a.]).

  • 76 dentists (registered dental surgeons and exempted persons) existed in Hong Kong between 1841 and 1941. Clearly, there were a much greater number of dental technicians operating in the city, some might have performed dental medical or surgical works outside of the law. Out of these 76, no less than one third were American trained including ten graduates of the Pennsylvania Univ.

  • Chaun Moon-hung 周夢熊 was the first Chinese dental surgeon to practice in Hong Kong (1901).

  • Doctor-nurse matrimony: John Milford Atkinson (Principal Civil Medical Officer; Chairman, Sanitary Board) and Eastmond Clara (matron, Government Civil Hospital; Hong Kong's first European matron; formerly London Hospital, recruited by Atkinson), St. Johns Cathedral, Hong Kong August 4, 1898. George Duncan Ralph Black (private practitioner; HKU lecturer; Principal Medical Officer, HKVDC) and Anne Lilian Black (HKVCD, Nursing Detachment). Philip Francis Shelsley Court (Government Medical Officer and HKU lecturer) and [s.n.];

  • Li Hung Chang 李鴻章 was the Honorary Patron of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese from 1889 till he died in 1901. Read his acceptance letter.

  • Loo Ngan-sin, Nancy 盧雁仙 was Hong Kong's first woman registered dental surgeon as well as the first woman holder of DDS to practice in Hong Kong (1934).

  • Herbert Poate was the first dental surgeon to practice in Hong Kong (1885).

  • Pun U-tung 潘耀東 was the longest-practicing dentist, 42 years (1898-1940).

  • Hilmar Florenz Sommers was the longest serving member of the Dental Board, 15 years, consecutively (1926-40). He was a holder of Certificate of Exemption, meaning he was not even qualified (deemed by the Dental Board) to register as a dental practitioner.

  • Tam Ha-fong 譚霞舫 [probably] was Hong Kong's first woman registered dental practitioner (1914).

  • Wong Min-sam, Bit 黄民三 was the only dentist in Hong Kong who had two scholarships established in his honor (1986, 2007).


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