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Ho Ko-tsun 何高俊 (1902-EOP)

updated January 1, 2014.

Ho Ko-tsun. Credit: Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China
Hong Kong born. Canton 1911-15. Deputy Director of Public Health, Canton 1911. Hong Kong ca.1916. Honor: OBE June 1949.

HONG KONG. Queen's college 皇仁書院, recipient of Belilios Award; LMSHK 1902. Acting house surgeon, Tung Wah Hospital 1901-02. Assistant to the Government Bacteriologist, William Hunter, October 14, 1902-1903 [1].  Resident surgeon, Nethersole and Ho Miu Ling Hospitals 1903-06. Medical Officer, Chinese Public Dispensary, East Distrcit (located in Wanchai). Public Vaccinator October 9, 1901. Authorized to practice (as a private practitioner) July 8, 1908 [2]. Private practitioner, 1908-EOP, address: 1/F., #55 Queen's Road Central 1941. Authorized medical practitioner to sign medical certificates of death 1908-EOP. Lecturer, Osteology and Surgery, HKCMC. Founding President and lecturer in Hygiene, Tai Yuk School 體育學校 (Hollywood Road) 1908. Inaugural Chairman, Yeung Wo Nursing Home (forerunner of Hong Kong Sanitarium) 1922. Member, Guangdong Medical Gongjinhui 1910 [3]. Club: Hong Kong Chinese Swimming Association 香港華人游泳會, founding member 1910.

b. August 10, 1878, Hong Kong - d. June 6, 1953, Hong Kong. Protestant.
m. [s.n.] Ma. Had issues: 1.Ho Fat-chung 何法中 (d.infancy, or neonatal death); 2. Ho Kin-chung 何健中 (d.infancy, or neonatal death); 3. Ho Chung-chung 何中中 (Ph.D.; Founder and Principal, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong 香港真光中學 1946; MBE; JP); 4. Ho Yuk-chung 何育中; 5. Ho Mei-chung 何尾中.

Publications: A Treatise on First Aid to the Wounded; Simple Remedies in varous Emergencies; 廣東省政府取締醫務之原因 (Reasons why Guangdong Government Banned Medical Services), China Medical Journal, March 1913 (all three published in Chinese).

[1] Three Chinese, all holders of LMSHK, were appointed as Assistant to the Government Bacteriologist. They were: Chan Fai-kwong, Ho Ko-tsun 何高俊, Lee Yin-sze 李賢士. This was the first instance Chinese were appointed; the positions were previously held by Japanese.
[2] LMSHK was the qualification awarded to graduates of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese HKCMC (1887-1912). Holders of LMSHK were not authorized to practice as private practitioners until July 8, 1908 [a]. From that day on they were permitted to practice as "exempted persons", but not to be listed in the Medical Register.
[a] There were hospital appointments, more particularly at missionary or charitable hospitals, prior to 1908. For instance, Kwan King-leung 關景良, LMSHK 1893, was permitted to practice at the Alice Memorial Hospital 1893.
The Guangdong Medical Gongjinhui held a welcome party to honor a visit to Canton by Sun Yat-sen in May 1912. Ho sat on the front row, first right. Credit: Yangcheng Evening News Digital Media.
[3] Ho was listed in 1910 as an active member, Guangdong Medical Gongjinhui 廣東醫學共進會, the medical branch of a republican movement group founded in Tokyo in 1905.

Selected bibliography: Hong Kong Government, Report of the Principal Civil Medical Officer for the Year 1902. The Hong Kong Government Gazette, October 12, 1901, #595; May 9, 1941, Notice #558. Wright, Arnold, Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China, London: Lloyd's Greater Britain Publishing Co., Ltd., 1908, p.180.


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