Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fawcett, Hugh Alderson (1928)


Noted Archaeologist and Collector.

d. January 11, 1982. (Lond.); DPH 1920; DTMH 1928; MRCS. RAMC, Captain 1914-19. Hong Kong nlt.1928. Hong Kong Government, Medical Officer in charge of a sexually-transmitted diseases clinic for men. Sanitary Board 1928-30. Noted archaeologist and collector [1]. Publication: Diphtheria: Its Causation, Prevention and Investigation, April 1923.

[1] Fawcett compiled a collection of over 8,000 items of archaeological finds and artifacts from the British Isles, Europe, the Mediterranean, Far East and America. The collection was purchased by the City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery in 1979.


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