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Blackburn, Herbert (1890-1894)

updated August 26, 2013

LRCP (Edin.) 1889; LMS (Glas.) 1889; LM July 13, 1889. Hong Kong 1890. Nagasaki, Japan 1892. Director, Nagasaki Hospital (vice C. Edward Anuat, deceased) June 1892. Acting U.S. Vice Consul, Nagasaki (vice U.S. Consul William Abercrombie, whenever absent from office) March 1894 [2]. Left Japan for England with family October 1895 [3].

HONG KONG 1890. Registered to practice December 9, 1890 through 1894 [1]. Lecturer in Physiology, HKCMC 1890-1892. Residence: Rosa Villa West, Bonham Road 1890.

m. Emily May Sutton, b.1865, Norwich, England – d. March 3, 1895, Nagasaki., bur. Sakamoto International Cemetery. Had issues: 1. Enid Marjorie Blackburn (b. January 18, 1893); 2. Stanley Napier Blackburn (b. September 5, 1894).

[1] Time conflict between departure from Hong Kong and arrival in Nagasaki.

[2] It is quite odd that a Briton was asked to stand in for a US foreign service officer, but then Abercrombie was no professional diplomat himself. As in the case of Blackburn, he was a physician, trained and practiced in New York before President Benjamin Harrison made him US Consul for Nagasaki. Abercrombie took his own life in his Washington D.C. Apartment on September 5, 1907, by asphyxiation. He was 65 years old.

[3] Enid Marjorie Blackburn attended the Uplands Girls' School, St. Leonard-on-Sea, Hastings, East Sussex in ca.1910.

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, December 13, 1890; May 4, 1895, Notice #193. Nagasaki: People, Places and Scenes of the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement 1859-1941 [internet]. The New York Times, September 6, 1907, W.H. Abercrombie A Suicide.


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