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Sanders, James Herbert (1907-1932)

Reference letter written by J. H. Sanders for Nurse Ellen Johnson, Matilda Hospital. 1920 / source: by kind permission of Peter Maleczek, flickr,
updated August 25, 2013

Obstetrician / Gynecologist.

More commonly known as J. Herbert Sanders. d. May 16, 1956, Devon. MRCS (Eng.) February 10, 1900; LRCP (Lond.); MD (Brussels) February 10, 1900. Resident Medical Officer, London Hospital. Adviser, London Throat Hospital. Hong Kong 1906. Registered to practice Hong Kong July 23, 1907 through 1932. Medical Superintendent, Matilda Hospital 1907 [1]. Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, HKBMA 1907-08. The Great War, Resident Medical Officer, London Hospital; Senior Medical Officer, Norwich Military Hospital; Senior Medical Officer, Norfolk Military Hospital. Hong Kong after the Great War, resumed position at Matilda Hospital. Medical Board, acting member (vice Robert Maclean Gibson) May 27, 1918; member 1919. Publications: Boracic Acid Poisoning, The British Medical Journal, March 16, 1912, p.605; Congenital Absence of One Ovary and the Corresponding Fallopian Tube, The British Medical Journal, June 23, 1928, p.1065. Residence: #70 The Peak 1907.

[Sanders was sued by a former patient for malpractice in 1923. The exact allegations made by the complainant, Thorward Anderson, formerly a foreman with Hong Kong Wharf and Godown Company were “unskillful or negligent treatment” to his hand. Anderson suffered multiple injuries after falling 12 feet to the ground while working in the wharf on December 13, 1921. He went to the Kowloon Hospital for first aids and the doctor in charge, James Thornton Smalley, referred him to Sanders for follow up treatments. Anderson went to the Matilda Hospital on the following day to see Sanders who then became his attending surgeon. Anderson alleged that Sanders had treated his other injuries caused by the fall but failed to treat his right hand, which he put out in an attempt to break the fall, as a result causing bone fractures. The trial, presided over by Chief Justice William Rees-Davies, began on December 17, 1923. On the third day of the trial, the jury plainly told the court that there was no ground to continue further as the complainant clearly had not proved his case. Ree-Davies gave a verdict for the defendant and did so with an order for the complainant to pay costs.]

[1]. Sanders was the first medical superintendent of the Matilda Hospital. He probably ran the hospital entirely on his own while treating patients at the same time until the 1923 joining of Dr. Harry Lechmere Clift.

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