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Marques, Lourenço Pereira (1880-1896)

updated September 5, 2013.

Lourenço Pereira Marques. Credit: Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China

b.1852, Macau – d. 1911, Macau. Royal College of St. Jose, Macau; studied medicine in Lisbon and Dublin; MKQCPI; L &LM; LRCP, LRCS (Irel.) 1877; MRCP (Irel.) 1880; FRAMI. Hong Kong 1880. Hong Kong Government, Acting Assistant Superintendent, Government Civil Hospital August 13, 1880; Superintendent, Lock Hospital 1883-87; Stone Cutters' Island Convict Hulk 1883; received commendation for his works at both Lock Hospital and Convict Hulk from Philip Bernard Chenery Ayres, Colonial Surgeon, in his report for the year 1884; medical officer in charge of post-mortem examinations and the Public Morgue 1884; suffered from a serious attack of inflammation of the liver, several months sick leave; Assistant  Medical Officer, Victoria Gaol September 1, 1887 -1896; received commendation for his work at the gaol from Ayres, in his report for the year 1892; retired on pension (due to reorganization of medical staff) 1896 [1]. Fellow, Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa (Lisbon Geographic Society ). Member, Sociedade Académica franco-hispano-portuguesa de Toulouse. Publications: Louis De Camoens: a Discourse Delivered at the Club Lusitano, The China Review, Vol. 9, #1, 1880; A Validade do Darwinismo (The validity of Darwinism), Hong Kong International Printing Office, 1882 or 1883; Defesa do Darwinismo: refutacao de um artigo do jornal, (Defense of Darwinism: Refutation of a Newspaper Article), Catholic Register, Hong Kong 1889. Honor: Comendador da Ordem de Cristo (Commander of the Order of Christ, Portugal) (ComC). Cavaleiro da Ordem Militar da Torre e Espada, do Valor, Lealdade e Mérito (Knight of the Order of the Torre e Espada, Portugal) (CvTE). Naming of Rua do Dr Lourenço Pereira Marques 比厘喇馬忌士街 in Macau. Music composed in his name: Marcha-Polka "Pereira Marques" by Oscar Baptista. Club: Club Lusitano [The Club was considered a Portuguese Masonic lodge]. Residence: Rednaxela Terrace 列拿士地台 [2] 1891.

s/o Comendador Lourenço Marques, b.1811-d.1902, and Maria Ana Josefa Pereira [3]. Siblings: 1. Francisco Xavier Marques, and 2. António Marques.

[Marques was said to have taught at the HKCMC for the period 1891-92, but I've found no other references to confirm that.]

[1] A certain report of a medical commission published by the government in around mid year 1895 contained adverse comments that were said to have tarnished Marques' professional reputation. On August 25, 1895, the bulk of the leading Portuguese residents in Hong Kong gathered at the Club Lusitano for a demonstration in honor of Marques. He was presented with an address for his support signed by almost 1,000 of his compatriots. [Unfortunately, I've as yet recovered the medical commission report in matter. It's also unclear to me if Marques resigned or he was let go.]

[2] Strange name. Rednaxela spells backwards is Alexander. Marques' next door neighbor, and friend, was one José Rizal of the Philippines. Rizal, who had a medical degree from the Central University in Madrid and a fellow ophthalmologist, sojourned in Hong Kong in 1891-93 and practice medicine in 1892-93.

[3] Marques' mother, Maria, inherited from her father, Manuel Pereira 俾利喇, merchant and councilman of Leal Senado (Municipal Council of Macau) (1849-50, 1850-51), a large estate that had included the garden known today as the Jardim Luís de Camões 白鴿巢公園. The garden originally belonged to the Companhia de Jesus (Jesuit) since the Sixteenth Century. The ownership went to the Leal Senado in 1762, from whose hands, Manuel Pereira had bought it in ca.1800. Comendador Marques sold the garden in 1885 to the government (not certain if it was the Portuguese or Macau government that he sold the property to) for 30,000 patacas. The sale reportedly did not included the manor house named Casa Garden, in which Marques was born and brought up.

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