Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Majima Keinosuke 馬島珪之助 (1907-1923)

updated August 15, 2013.

Medical College, Japan Imperial Univ. March 30, 1898. 疫苗製造所技師兼臨時檢疫局事務官[ ]內務技師從七位, 鳳山縣醫院長 Superintendent, Fengshan County Hospital, Kaohsiung, Taiwan January 15, 1898. 臺灣總督府醫院醫長 Superintendent, Taiwan Governor's Office Hospital December 8, 1899. Registered medical practitioner Hong Kong May 7, 1907 through 1923, 17 years in total. Founder of Majima Hospital 馬島病院, #185 Wanchai Road. Publications: 《細菌学的虎列剌診斷:臨床應用》東京市誠之堂書店,1896。 《實扶垤里亞血清療法》合著者:李祥麟台北市文明書局總發行,1908。Address in Hong Kong: #177 Wanchai Road 1907; Killadoon, #151 Wanchai Road 1908.

m. K. Majima.

[Doctors engaged by the Majima Hospital at different times: Aragaki Tsunemasa 新垣恒政, Ishimitsu KaoruMunehiro Jungo 宗廣純吾 and Martin Peter Motoi Itoh.]

[The Majima Hospital was closed in December 1941 in conjunction with the mandatory evacuation of Japanese from Hong Kong imposed by the Japanese Government. The hospital was confiscated by the Hong Kong Government after the war and re-launched as Wanchai Female VD Hospital 灣仔婦女性病醫院. It was renamed Wanchai Hospital 灣仔醫院 in 1969, maintaining its specialty. The listing of the hospital in the Hong Kong Year Book discontinued in 1971; there is no information regarding when it was finally closed.]

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, May 10, 1907, Notice #335. 《香港年鑑》第九回至第二十四回,醫療輯要 (Hong Kong Year Book, 1956-1971)。 《臺灣總督府報》第231號明治31年1月27日第656號明治32年12月13日


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