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Chaun Moon-hung 周夢熊 (1901)

updated DeceMarch 11, 2014.

Hong Kong's First University Trained Chinese Dentist[1].

DDS (Penn.) 1899[2].

HONG KONG nlt.1901. Admitted to practice dentistry in Hong Kong 1901[3], continued until 1934. Registered dental surgeon 1914-34, one of the first eight dentists registered with the government following the regulation of the practice of dentistry on May 7, 1914[4]. Whereabouts after 1934 unknown.
[1] Chu Sien-ting 徐善亭 received dental education in Australia and started practicing in Hong Kong in 1880s. He could precede Chaun as Hong Kong's first University trained dentist, unfortunately, I was unable to identify the college Chu attended and the exact year in which he began his practice in Hong Kong.

[2] Chaun was the first Chinese student matriculated at the University of Pennsylvania as well as its first Chinese graduate.

[3] There were no formal qualification requirements for dentist to practice in Hong Kong before 1914; the first Dentistry Ordinance was enacted on June 5, 1914. The admittance was made by Chaun's Westerner peers, most of them were Penn. alumni. As a group, they almost functioned as a guild.]

[4] The first dental surgeons registered with the government following the enactment of the Dentistry Ordinance 1914: Mehdy Edward Asger, Arthur de Carvalho, Chaun Moon Hung 周夢熊, Edward Evan Jones, Frederick Howard Kew, Irvin Whiteley Kew, George Wiliam McKean, and Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Chu Sien-ting, mentioned earlier, wasn't one of them since he died in 1912.

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, May 10, 1935, #371.


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