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Penny, Herbert Lloyd (1894)

updated March 10, 2014.

b. January 13, 1867 – d. July 18, 1945. RN, November 11, 1891; HMS Firebrand 1894; Hong Kong 1894; China 1894, military hospital operated under the aegis of Red Cross; wounded at Newchwang 牛莊 (Yingkou, Liaoning Province 遼寧省營口市) during the Chino-Japanese war 1894-95; Hong Kong 1897; Surgeon, Cape of Good Hospital November 8, 1898; Staff Surgeon November 11, 1899; HMS Benbow March 18, 1902; HMS President 1903; three years studies at a civil hospital from November 4, 1903; Staff Surgeon; Fleet Surgeon November 11, 1907; RFA Maine (hospital ship) 1909, in-charge of the RN detachment onboard; HMS Defiance (torpedo School Ship) June 10, 1912; Surgeon Commander; Acting Surgeon Captain 1919; Surgeon Captain July 3, 1920; Retired January 13, 1923, final rank: Surgeon Rear Admiral. Honor: MID Hong Kong Governor 1895; Hong Kong Plague Medal 1895; Imperial Order of the Double Dragon, Third Class, Third Grade (Da Qing) 御賜雙龍寶星第三等第三品[1]; OBE 1919.

HONG KONG 1894. RN, Surgeon, HMS Firebrand, volunteered and was seconded to the Hong Kong Government during the 1894-95 plague epidemic. Acting Assistant Surgeon (vice John Bell, sick leave) February 12 – April 8, 1897.

m. Elizabeth Drummond-Hay 1898 (d/o Rev. Frederic Drummond-Hay[2] and Elizabeth Ann Matthews). Had issues [s.n.].

Publications: Notes on Red Cross Work at Newchwang during the Chino-Japanese War, read at HKBMA meeting, Hong Kong March 26, 1897.

Order of the Double Dragon, Third Class, Third Grade. Credit:

[2] The Rev. Frederic Drummond-Hay was the son of Edward Hay Drummond Hay, KCB, and Sarah Laura Livingston. Edward Hay was, among other offices he had held, the President of the British Virgin Islands 1839-50; Governor of St. Kitts 1850-55; and Governor of St. Helena 1856-63. The Rev. Drummond-Hay's 4th great grandfather was George Henry Hay, 8th Earl of Kinnoull.

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