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Kennedy, Thomas Fuller (1935)

updated March 20, 2014.

Thomas F. Kennedy. Credit: Generals.dk
b. June 12, 1892-d.1958. MBChB; BAO. RAMC, Promotions: temporary Captain January 1, 1917; Captain [n.d.]; Major [n.d.]; Lieutenant-Colonel April 20, 1939; Colonel [n.d.]; retired February 26, 1949, Honorary Brigadier. Service: Hong Kong nlt.1935; Senior Medical Officer, 18th Brigade 1939; Commanding Officer, Military Hospital Haifa 1939-40; Assistant Director,  Hygiene Scottish Command 1940-41; Deputy Director,  Hygiene Scottish Command 1941-43; Professor in Hygiene, Royal Army Medical College 1943; Deputy Chief, Public Heath Branch, Civil Affairs Division, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force 1944-45; Principal Medical Officer Public Health Branch, Allied Control Commission Germany 1945-46. Honor, OBE, January 1, 1919; Commander of the Order of Orange Nassau with Swords (The Netherlands) 1948. Address: 51 Sandymount Road, Dublin 1892.

HONG KONG nlt.1935. Lecturer in Public Health, HKU 1935-36.

s/o James Siggins Kennedy (b.1850, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland-d.1918, Dublin, Ireland; m. Matha Fuller 1881; accountant, Provincial Bank, Cork) and Martha Fuller (b.1857-d.1947). Siblings: 1. John Cecil Kennedy (b.1891); 2. subject person; 3. Mary Siggins Kennedy (b.1900-d.1980; m. Richard William Hingston)

Publications: Haemorrhage, Subdural, a Case of Spontaneous (clinical and other notes), Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Vol. 54, p.50, 1930.

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