Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Li Shu-pui 李樹培 (1932-EOP)

updated on August 8, 2013.

The First HKU Graduate Admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons.

b. January 1903, Hong Kong – d. August 31, 2005, Hong Kong (at the age of 102); Peking Union Medical College 1920; MBBS (HK) January 10, 1928; FRCS (Edin.), the first HKU graduate to receive a fellowship at RCS; studied ear, nose and throat at Vienna Univ. Registered to practice Hong Kong May 10, 1929 through EOP. Private practitioner, Dr. Li Shu-fan ca.1932, address: Bank of East Asia Building (1941). Medical Superintendent, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital (vice Li Shu-fan) 1966; no interruption during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong; continued performing surgical operations until 1980; ran an outpatient clinic until well into his 90s; remained actively involved in the affairs of the hospital as chairman of the board until his death. Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong, founding member 1965; Treasurer 1965-79.

m. Ellen Li 李曹秀群, b.1908 Shanghai - d.2005 Hong Kong, Hong Kong's first woman Justice of the Peace; the first woman member of the Legislative Council; and the first woman recipient of CBE.

[During Li’s tenure as Superintendent, an vitro fertilization center was added at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital where Hong Kong’s first test tube baby was delivered.]

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, May 10, 1929, Notice #242; May 9, 1941, Notice #558.  


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