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Lambelle, Frederick William (1903-1905)

updated March 7, 2014

MBBS (Durham); RAMC, Captain; Major, Hong Kong 1903-05; Burma ca.1912; Commended for Services March 3, 1917; Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel August 8, 1917; in-placed in-charge of a newly-formed Women's Department of Stretcher Bearers, York County Hospital; placed on retired pay (due to illness caused by military services) 1921. Accredited as the first physician to explore enzyme or pancreatic treatment of cancer 1913.

HONG KONG 1903. Lecturer in Physiology, HKCMC 1903-05.

Publications: A Case of Malignant Tumor, Treated by Trypsin, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps., Vol. #13, 1909, p.71. The Utilities of Enzymes in Malaria, Medical Record, November 22, 1913, pp.928-931. Trypanosomiasis and Surra. A Preliminary Note Upon the Effect of Pancreatic Enzymes Upon the Trypanosome of Surra 1913.

Selected bibliography: The British Medical Journal, March 10, 1917, p.346; April 9, 1921, p.95. The Edinburgh Gazette, August 10, 1917, p.1609. Evans, Dafydd Emrys (Ed.), Constancy of Purpose, Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1987.

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