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To Ying-fan 杜應勳 (1899)

updated December 19, 2013

Coxion To
Alias To Coxion 杜國臣. Hong Kong nlt.1894.

HONG KONG. LMSHK 1899. House surgeon, Nethersole Hospital 1899-1908. House surgeon, Alice Memorial Hospital 1908-31 [1], concurrently owned and ran a pharmacy in Queen's Road. Authorized to practice June 17, 1936 - EOP [2]. Authorized medical practitioner to sign medical certificates of death 1908-EOP.

Siblings: 1. To Ying-kwan 杜應坤.
m. [s.n.]. Had issues: 1. son [s.n.].

[1] To's wife and son were also employed by the Alice Memorial Hospital.
[2] LMSHK was the qualification awarded to graduates of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese HKCMC (1887-1912). Holders of LMSHK were not authorized to practice as private practitioners until July 8, 1908 [a]. From that day on they were permitted to practice as "exempted persons", but not to be listed in the Medical Register and not be addressed officially as "Dr".
[a] There were hospital appointments, more particularly at missionary or charitable hospitals, prior to 1908. For instance, Kwan King-leung 關景良, LMSHK 1893, was permitted to practice at the Alice Memorial Hospital 1893. To, himself, was engaged in the two LMS hospitals without the necessity of being registered.
Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, July 10, 1908, Notice #482; May 9, 1941, Notice #558.


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