Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Krieg, Paul (1890s)

updated November 12, 2013.

Hong Kong 1890s. Shanghai 1909-17. Lecturer, German Medical School for Chinese in Shanghai 德文醫學堂 (the predecessor of Tonji University 同濟大學); member, German Medical Association in Shanghai [1]德醫公會.

HONG KONG 1890s. Private practitioner. Lecturer, HKCMC. Left Hong Kong for Shanghai 1909.

[I was unable to find Krieg's name in the medical register.]

[Prof. Dr. Thomas Krieg, Vice President, and Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University Cologne is the great grandson of Krieg.]

[1] Both the medical school and the association were founded by Krieg's compatriot, and colleague in Hong Kong, Erich Hermann Paulun 埃里希.寶隆, who was a registered medical practitioner in Hong Kong between 1896 and 1898.


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