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Murray, John Ivor 孖厘 (1859-1872+)

 updated August 29, 2013.

John Ivor Murray
b.1825. MD (Aber.) 1856. Hong Kong 1859. Hong Kong Government, Colonial Surgeon, April 12, 1859-1872; Acting Chairman, Committee of the International Exhibition, London, 1862 [1] October 16, 1861. Member, Commission, Yellow Fever Inquiry March 19, 1866 [2]. JP (official).

Had issues: William Alfred Murray [3].

[Murray wrote the following in his Colonial Surgeon Report for the year 1860,
" The hospital system has always appeared to me very inadequate to the population. In fact it may be broadly stated that there is no hospital for Chinese, who form such a vast majority of our population."]
[1] Also known as the Crystal Palace Exhibition. The committee was made up of John Ivor Murray, J.J. Mackenzie, J.D. Gibb, W. Walkinshaw and W. Kane.

[2]. The three-member Commission (A Commission for the Purpose of Making Inquiry into an Epidemic Disease Represented by the Colonial Surgeon to be Yellow Fever) was appointed by the 6th Hong Kong Governor Richard Graves MacDonnell on Mach 19, 1866. The members were John Ivor Murray, Colonial Surgeon; William Dick, AMD surgeon (chairman); and Robert Bernard, RN surgeon.

[3] William Alfred Murray was born in Hong Kong on August 14, 1863 Hong Kong. He received MB and CM from the Aberdeen University in 1890.

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, April 16, 1859, Notice #39; October 19, 1861, Notice #119; May 12, 1866, Notice #71.


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