Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Morrison, William (1847-d.1853, HK)


b.[n.d.]-d.1853, Hong Kong. Private practice, England nlt. 1847. Recruited by Home Government and sent to Hong Kong 1847. Hong Kong Government, Colonial Surgeon [1] 1847-53. Died from an abscess of the liver (or of malarial fever) and was buried at the Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley 1853.

[1] Morrison was the first London appointed Colonial Surgeon. He was said to have a thriving medical practice in England before accepting the engagement in Hong Kong. Records show that his salary was raised by £100 in 1848. Colonial Surgeon in Hong Kong at the time was permitted to run his private practice simultaneously while holding the public office. Morrison was most oftenly accused of ignoring the office of the Colonial Surgeon while focusing only in his very lucrative private practice.


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