Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jeu Hawk 趙學 (1908)

updated December 20, 2013.

MD (Oregon). Hong Kong nlt.1908.

HONG KONG. Authorized to practice July 8, 1908 [1]. House surgeon, Tung Wah Hospital 1908. Authorized medical practitioner to sign medical certificates of death 1908.

[1] Doctors who lacked the academic qualifications recognized by the Medical Board (essentially the General Medical Council in UK) to qualify to register were authorized to practice as private practitioners in Hong Kong as "exempted persons" effective July 8, 1908 [a]. They were however not to be listed in the Medical Register and not be addressed officially as "Dr".
[a] There were hospital appointments, more particularly at missionary or charitable hospitals, prior to 1908. For instance, Chung Boon-chor 鍾本初, a graduate of Tientsin Chinese Government College was engaged as a house surgeon of the Alice Memorial Hospital 1890-95, and the first Medical Superintendent 掌院 of Tung Wah Hospital 1896-1903.
Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, July 10, 1908, Notice #482.


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