Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heanley, Charles Montague 韓義理 (1909)

updated June 30, 2013.

An acclaimed Geologist.

b.1877-d.1970; MBBS, London Univ. November 9, 1900; MRCS, London; LRCP, London; pathologist and bacteriologist; registered to practice in Hong Kong on December 3, 1909; address in Hong Kong: Astor House Hotel 1909, Pokfulam Road 1921; lecturer in Practical Anatomy, HKCMC 1908-09; acclaimed amateur geologist, anthropologist and archaeologist [1]; publications: Notes on Some Fossiliferous Rocks near Hong Kong, Bulletin of the Geological Society of China, Vol. #3, Issue #1, March 1924; Hong Kong Celts,  Bulletin of the Geological Society of China, Vol. #7, Issue #3-4, September 1928.
[1] Heanley was credited for his 1920s discovery of ammonites on the north side of the Tolo Channel. These were the first invertebrate fossils to be found in Hong Kong.
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