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Glaister, Joseph (1910-11, 1915-17)

updated March 2, 2014.

HMS Kent, Hong Kong ca.1910. The armored cruiser was sold in Hong Kong on June 20, 1920 (and scrapped, presumably, here). Credit: Naval Ships of the Worlds Navies.
b.1884. MBBS (Glas.) July 19, 1905; DPH (Cantab). RN, Surgeon November 6, 1908; HMS Kent 1909; Hong Kong 1910-ca.1911; suffered from a stroke and withdrew from service with gratuity November 4, 1912. Straits Settlements 1912. Medical Officer In-charge, Federated Malay States rubber estates 1912. Hong Kong 1915-17. RAMC, Temporary Lieutenant March 6, 1917. Straits Settlements 1920. Malacca Agricultural Medical Board 1925. England [n.d.]. Green Hall, Llandovery, Wales August 1930 – May 1932, Kent Street, Cheddar, Somerset 1933. Brought to bankruptcy court in Carmarthen for a deficiency claim of £611 15s. 2d. 1933.
HONG KONG 1910. Surgeon, HMS Kent. Conducted research into “Big Head” in horses and other matters at Government Laboratory since October 4, 1910. Left Hong Kong when HMS Kent reassigned ca.1911. Hong Kong 1915. Registered to practice Hong Kong June 18, 1915. Residence: Hong Kong Hotel 1915. Left Hong Kong for Europe for active service 1917.
s/o John Glaister (MD, MB, FRPS (Glas.); DPH (Cantab.); FRSE; FCS; Professor, Forensic Medicine, Glasgow University 1898- ). Siblinhs: 1. John Glaister, Jr., (RAMC, Captain; Professor, Forensic Medicine, Glasgow University; m. Isobel Lindsay, Glasgow Cathedral May 25, 1918). Watch video of Wedding of John Glaister and Isobel Lindsay on the website of National Library of Scotland.
Had issue: 1. John Leslie Gerard “Gerry” Glaister, b. December 21, 1915, Hong Kong – d. February 5, 2005. Gerry Glaister was a television producer and director with the BBC. Read Gerry Glaister's obituary in the Telegraph.

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