Friday, September 13, 2013

Ainslie, David Hunter (1905-d.1921, HK)

updated September 10, 2013

b. April 11, 1875 – d. June 20, 1921 Hong Kong. MB, ChB August 16, 1898 (Aber.); DPH 1900; DTMH, (Cantab.) 1905. Medical Officer, Anchor S. N. Navigation Co., Glasgow 1899. Medical Officer, Lagos Government Railway, West Africa 1893-1901. Gold Coast (Ghana) Government Railway 1901-04. Demonstrator in the School of Tropical Medicine, London 1905. Hong Kong 1905. Registered to practice Hong Kong November 6, 1905. Private practitioner 1905-21, Drs. Stedman, Reinnie and Harston 1905, address: Alexandra Building 1905. Lecturer in Physiology, HKCMC 1905-08. Amoy 1909, owned and ran a private practice 1909.  The Great War, RN surgeon, assigned to the Mediterranean squadron, later seconded to the French and Japanese navies operating in the Mediterranean. Ocean Steam Ship Co., Ltd. Resumed practice after the war, Medical Officer, S.S. Keemuo. Prominent member of the Masonic Lodge Hong Kong. Club: Hong Kong Club. Residence: Kowloon Hotel 1905.

Selected bibliography: Evans, Dafydd Emrys (Ed.) Constancy of Purpose, Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1987. The Hong Kong Government Gazette, November 10, 1905, Notice #754.


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