Friday, September 13, 2013

Barwell, Alan Harold (1939)

updated November 5, 2013.

MRCS; LRCP (Lond.). Hong Kong nlt.1939-1945. Postwar whereabouts unknown.

HONG KONG nlt.1939. Government doctor. Medical Officer March 1 1939. Resident Medical Officer, Hong Kong Prison (vice George Ingram Shaw) August 4, 1939. JP (official) November 22, 1941. Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, interned 1941-45; Medical Office In-Charge, La Salle Relief Hospital until January 20, 1942; transferred to Stanley Camp.

Siblings: Claude Barwell; m. Joan O'Toole.

Selected bibliography: Dairy 1941 › Staff Sergeant James O-Toole. Gwulo: Old Hong Kong › Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp [internet]. Hong Kong Government, Annual Report of the Prisons Department for the Year 1939. The Hong Kong Government Gazette, March 10, 1939, #187; November 28, 1941, #1415. Hong Kong War Diary › Non-uniformed Civilians [internet].

[Proactive research ended November 5, 2013.]


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