Monday, September 16, 2013

Chung Boon-chor 鍾本初 (1890)

updated September 1, 2013

Alias Chung King-ue 鍾景裕; Chung King-ü 鍾景儒. d. 1908, Hong Kong. Graduate of Tientsin Chinese Government College 天津西醫學堂 [1]. Hong Kong nlt.1890. The first Chinese [sic] House Surgeon, Alice Memorial Hospital 1890-95. Public Vaccinator October 20, 1890. The first Medical Superintendent 掌院, Tung Wah Hospital 1896-1903 [2].

Eurasian, Chinese father and American mother.

[1] The college was run by John Kenneth Mackenzie.
[2] The chief purpose of appointing Chung, a half-Chinese practitioner of Western medicine, was to offer Western medicine as an option to patients at the Tung Wah Hospital, which until then only offered traditional Chinese treatments. It wasn’t until three years after Chung’s appointment that Western medicine as well as surgery began to be accepted. Chung was paid HK$150 a month. He was not permitted to run a private practice on the side, which was not uncommon at that time.

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, October 25, 1890, Notice #441.


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