Friday, September 13, 2013

Private Practices (Partnerships)

updated November 23, 2013

These were private practices operated under commercial principles, with two or more doctors working in the practice. The list is not exhaustive.

Drs. Adams and Jordan 1885-1908+
Name partners: William Stanley Adams (founder); Gregory Paul Jordan
Other doctors: John Bell 1888; James Herbert Swan 1898; Charles Forsyth 1904?
Addresses: Pedder Street 1885-89; Princes' Building 1907; Alexander Building 1908

Drs. Poate and Noble 1887-1916+ (dentists)
Name partners: Herbert Poate (founder); Joseph Whitlesey Noble
Other doctors:

Drs. Muller and Justi 1903-1914
Name partners: Oskar Muller; Carol Justi
Other doctors: Karl Hoch 1907; Theodore van Wesel 1912
Addresses: #16 Queen's Road 1904-07; Hotel Mansions Building 1905 [1]
[1] Conflicting records.

Drs. Stedman, Rennie and Harston 1904-21+
Name partners: Frederic Osmund Stedman; Alexander Rennie; George Montagu Harston
Other doctors: David Hunter Ainslie 1905-21, deceased;
Addresses: Alexandra Building 1904-05+; Union Building 1921.

Drs. Fitzwilliams and Allan 1910-1915
Name partners: Gerald Hall Lloyd Fitzwilliams; James Cyril Dalmahoy Allan
Other doctors:
Addresses: Alexandra Building 1921

Drs. Jordan, Forsyth, Grove & Aubrey 1921
Name partners: Gregory Paul Jordan (founder); Charles Forsyth; George Ernest Aubrey
Other doctors: James William Anderson 1924;
Addresses: Alexandra Building 1921

Drs. Dalmaboy Allan, Strahan and Thomas 1921-25
Name partners: James Cyril Dalmahoy Allan; Stuart Seguin Strahan; William Leslie Thomas
Other doctors: John Berchmans Bourke 1924

Drs. Allan and Straham 1925-EOP
Name partners: James Cyril Dalmahoy Allan; Stuart Seguin Strahan
Other doctors: Murdo Nicolson 1925-EOP
Addresses: Alexander Building 1941.

Drs. Harston, Black, Balean & Koch 1917
Name partners: George Montagu Harston; George Duncan Ralph Black; Herman Balean; Wilfred Vincent Miller Koch
Other doctors: Douglas Reginald Gawler 1924

Drs. Black, Balean, Skinn & Talbot 1930-EOP
Name partners: George Duncan Ralph Black; Herman Balean; Alfred John Skinn
Other doctors: Geoffrey Terrell Balean 1938;
Addresses: Union Building 1938-EOP


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