Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wong Pak-fu 黄伯符 (1912)

updated December 21, 2013.

Research in progress nlt.1907.

HONG KONG. LMSHK 1912. Authorized to practice February 9, 1912 [1]. Private practitioner 1912. Authorized medical practitioner to sign medical certificates of death1912.

[1] LMSHK was the qualification awarded to graduates of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese HKCMC (1887-1912). Holders of LMSHK were not authorized to practice as private practitioners until July 8, 1908 [a]. From that day on they were permitted to practice as "exempted persons", but not to be listed in the Medical Register and not be addressed officially as "Dr".
[a] There were hospital appointments, more particularly at missionary or charitable hospitals, prior to 1908. For instance, Kwan King-leung 關景良, LMSHK 1893, was permitted to practice at the Alice Memorial Hospital 1893.

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, July 10, 1908, Notice #482.


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