Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reel, Leidy Roger (1900)

updated November 25, 2013.

Dentistry degree (Penn.) 1900. Delta Upsilon Fraternity (Penn.). Hong Kong ca.1900. President, Scranton District Dental Society 1919, 1920. Master Councilor, Scranton Chapter, Keystone Crusaders 1937

HONG KONG ca.1900. Private practitioner, the practice of Dr. Joseph W. Noble.

Publications and Correspondences: Impressions of the Orient, 1908.

[The 1890 census in Scranton showed a Leidy R. Reed who resided at 1128 Blair Avenue and whose occupation was a clerk.]

[A number of dentistry graduates of the University of Pennsylvania practiced in Hong Kong within this period:
Joseph Whittlesey Noble, Penn. 1883, Hong Kong 1887, Drs. Poate and Noble, later his own practice. John Moore Crago, Penn. 1900, Hong Kong 1901, Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Leidy Roger Reel, Penn. 1900, Hong Kong ca.1900, Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. Frederick Hoard Kew, Penn.1903, Hong Kong , Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble, later Drs. Kew Brothers. Emerson G. Curry, Penn. 1904, Hong Kong , Dr. Joseph Whittlesey Noble. George T. Lemis, Penn. 1905, Hong Kong , Drs. Kew Brothers.]

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