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Macfarlane, Harold (1903-d.1919, HK)

updated June 30, 2013.

b. July 15, 1876 - d. February 7, 1919, Hong Kong.

MBBS (Edin.); LRCP (Lond.); LRCS (Edin.); DPH (Oxon.). Hong Kong September 1903. Hong Kong Government, Assistant Medical Officer of Health September 25, 1903; Government Bacteriologist [1] April 30, 1909 - 1918; Acting Principal Civil Medical Officer (vice John Taylor Connell Johnson) January 24, 1919. Lecturer in Chemistry and Physics 1905-07, Chemistry 1907-1909, HKCMC. One of the nine HKCMC teaching staff transferred to HKU when it became established in 1912 [2]. HKU Senate 1912. Publications: The Stegomyia Survey in Hong Kong, Bulletin of Entomological Research, February 1915, Vol. #6, Issue #1. Club: Hong Kong Club. Died suddenly on February 7, 1919.

s/o William Alexander MacFarlane, MD.
m. Laura Gertrude Massy [3] August 5, 1903.

[1] While working at Bacteriological Institute, Macfarlane took charge of a government investigation of Stegomyia mosquitoes, the findings was later published. He also made a study, collaborating with Adam Gibson, MRCVS, the Colonial Veterinary Surgeon, on flies in Hong Kong.

[2] HKCMC teaches transferred to the staff of the Faculty of Medicine, HKU in 1912 were: Francis William Clark, Charles Forsyth, Arthur C. Franklin, Gregory Paul Jordan, Frederick Theobald Keyt, Wilfred Vincent Miller Koch, Harold MacFarlane, Oswald Marriott and Wilfred William Pearse.

[3] Laura Gertrude Massy was the daughter of the Rev. Xavier Peel Massy, who was the Rector of Colinton, Edinburgh. The year next following Macfarlane's death, she remarried Philip Peveril John Wodehouse on October 6, 1920. She died on February 2, 1959.

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