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Macaulay, Hugh Montagu Cameron (1917)

updated November 12, 2013.

undated photo of Hugh Montagu Cameron Macaulay. Credit: timemachine.myzen.co.uk
b. July 28, 1892 – d. January 19, 1985. BS; BSc (Lond.); MD; MRCS (Eng.); LRCP (Lond.); DPH. RAMC nlt. August 1916; Captain. Hong Kong nlt.1917. England. General Nursing Council for England and Wales (Minister of Health appointment) 1942-45. Medical Officer of Health, Middlesex County Council 1944-47. Rehabilitation Committee, BMA 1945. School Medical Officer, Middlesex 1947. Senior Administrative Medical Officer, North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board 1948 - net.1951 [1]. WHO conference 1956 [2]. Honor: King's Honorary Physician 1944-50; CBE 1956.

HONG KONG nlt.1917. Medical Officer February 21, 1919.

s/o William Cameron Macaulay [3] and Edith Constance Mary Hart, b.1860-d.1947.
m. Julia Marguerite Garner, b. August 28, 1892 – d. 1987. Had issues: 1. Jack Cameron Macaulay [4], b. January 30, 1918, Hong Kong. 2. Violet June Macaulay, b. November 20, 1919, Hong Kong.

[1] While in the office of the North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board, Macaulay was accredited for completing and submitting the schemes for the grouping of hospitals in the UK as a part of the overhaul of the British medical services following the passing of the National Health Service Act 1946. His proposal was submitted in 1948.

[2] Macaulay was one of the nine members of the Expert Committee who attended a WHO conference in Geneva on Organization of Medical Care, on June 18 through 23, 1956. The findings of the conference were published in 1957 in the WHO report titled Role of Hospitals in Programs of Community Health Protection. The report was published as a book by Jaypee Bros. in 1966, titled: Hospital Planning and Administration, co-author: Richard Baron Llewelyn-Davis, architect; professor of University of London; Baron of Hastoe.

William Cameron Macaulay. Photographer: Lang Sims, Brixton London. Credit: timemachine.myzen.co.uk
[3] William Cameron Macaulay, b. December 20, 1868-d. September 1, 1927, BA (Lond.) 1895; tutor in early and medieval English (Lond.); MB (Lond.) 1903; MRCS, LRCP; Demonstrator of Chemistry, Middlesex Hospital Medical School; Resident Obstetric, Middlesex Hospital; private practitioner, Brixton; the Great War, 2/5th Field Ambulance, France, Salonika, Maceddonia, Egypt, Palestine, and Syria; honor: MID.

[4] Jack Cameron Macaulay, b. January 30, 1918 – d. July 22, 1987, Hong Kong; Merchant Taylor's School; trained at St. Bartholomew's Hospital; House Surgeon, Central Middlesex Hospital; RNVR, Surgeon Lieutenant, in first RN squadron to re-enter Hong Kong 1945; Registar, Sir Francis Avery Jones, Central Middlesex; Chief Assistant, Children Department, St. Thomas Hospital; Consultant Pediatrician, Shrewsbury Hospital 1952; District Pediatrician, Carnegie Committee 1960s; Visiting Pediatrician, Condover Hall School for the Nlind; m. Sylvia Grace; had issues: 1. Anthony Macaulay, 2. Angus Macaulay, and 3. Gail Macaulay.

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