Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clerjon, Nicolet Michel (1840s)

updated September 17, 2013

b. 1806, Paris – d. February 25, 1864, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Medical Academy and Clinique, Paris [1]. Hong Kong 1840s. Private practitioner, address: Queen's Road. San Francisco 1850. Médecin en Chef, French Asylum Benevolent Society of San Francisco 1850. Victoria, BC 1858. Private practitioner, 1858-1864 [2]. DIC, French Hospital established by La Société Frctncais de Bienfaisance et Sécours Mutuels (The French Benevolent Society), June 1860-1864.

[Clerjon had a fairly large property holding and apparently had died without heirs. His holding, consisted of 12 properties, was put up for auction on November11, 1864. A different source says Clerjon had left a property in Victoria to his brother Jean Clerjon]

[A merchant and opium smuggler by the name Clerjon existed in Hong Kong in 1846. I wonder if the two Clerjons were somehow related.]

[1] Clerjon identified himself as a student of the Medical Academy and Clinique, Paris. I was unable to find information on this institution.

[2] Clerjon advertised himself as Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur, operating from a clinic in Government Street 1859-1862

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