Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lockhead, John H. (1884-1893)

updated on August 18, 2013.

MD (Penn.) 1833. Registered to practice Hong Kong May 3, 1884 through 1893. Residence: #15 Elgin 1884.

[Lockhead was one of the first nine doctors who registered as medical practitioners in Hong Kong immediately following the enactment of the "Medical Registration Ordinance, 1884" that required all doctors to be licensed before they could treat patients for monetary reward. The nine were: William Stanley Adams, Philip Bernard Chenery Ayres, Johann Gerhard Heinrich Gerlach, Antonio Simplieio Gomes, William M. Hartigan, John H. Lockhead, Patrick Manson, James Stockwell, and Richard Young.]

Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, May 3, 1884, Notice; May 5, 1894, Notice #169. 


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