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Jordan, Gregory Paul (1885-1921)


Gregory P. Jordan
Jordan, Gregory Paul (1885-1921)
(updated August 27, 2013) b. February 6, 1858, Calcutta – d. December 4, 1921, London. Edinburgh Univ., MB August 2, 1880; CM October 21, 1884. Studied in Vienna and Paris, and at St. Thomas’s Hospital. Registered to practice Hong Kong June 6, 1885. Private practitioner, name partner, Drs. Adams and Jordan 1885-89+, address: Pedder Street 1885-89 (the practice would evolve into Drs. Anderson & Partners); principal partner, Drs. Jordan, Forsyth, Grove & Aubrey 1921-24+, address: Alexandra Building 1921-24+. HKGov., Provisional Health Officer of the Port and Inspector of Immigrants (vice William Stanley Adams, resigned) May 1, 1888; Surgeon-Superintendent of Police ca.1914-18. Consulting Surgeon, Alice Memorial Hospital. HKBMA, co-founder and inaugural Secretary September 1886. HKCMC, member of Founding Committee 1887; lecturer in Eye Diseases 1903-12; head of Surgical Department 1889-96. HKU, first Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1913-21; first professor, Tropical Medicine 1915-21; acting Chancellor 1918-12; life member of University Court since 1911; University Senate 1912. Freemasony: first Grand Master, District Grand Lodge, Hong Kong and South China November 3, 1904 - 1921. Club: Hong Kong Club. Residence: #36 Caine Road 1885-1888+. Left Hong Kong for England due to ill-health 1921. Honor: Hon.LLD, HKU 1921; naming of Jordan Road in Kowloon [1].
[Jordan was the nephew of Paul Chater, Hong Kong’s first property tycoon.]
[1] Six Street and Gascoigne Road South was renamed Jordan Road on March 19, 1909.  Gascoigne Road 加士居道 is named after Major-General William Julius  Gascoigne, Commander of British Troops in China and Hong Kong and Hong Kong's last Lieutenant Governor 1898-1902.
Selected bibliography: The Hong Kong Government Gazette, June 6, 1885, Notice; March 19, 1909, Notice #184; June 2, 1911, Appt. #163. Mellor, Bernard, Lugard in Hong Kong: Empire, Education and A Governor at Work, 1907-1912, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1992.

[2] HKCMC teaches transferred to the staff of the Faculty of Medicine, HKU in 1912 were: Francis William Clark, Charles Forsyth, Arthur C. Franklin, Gregory Paul Jordan, Frederick Theobald Keyt, Wilfred Vincent Miller Koch, Harold MacFarlane, Oswald Marriott and Wilfred William Pearse.


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