Friday, September 20, 2013

Dill, Francis (1844-d.1846, HK)


The First Colonial Surgeon to Die in Office.

d. October 1846, Hong Kong. China bef. 1844. Hong Kong nlt.1844. Hong Kong Government; Hospital Surgeon to the Colony (vice Alexander Anderson) 1844; position reconstituted as Colonial Surgeon. President, CMCS (vice Alfred Green Gayton Tucker, deceased) 1845. Died suddenly from liver complication (or malarial fever) October 1846.

[Dill, as in the case of Anderson, was a local recruit; he received a reduced salary of £600 p.a., which was cut back further to £500 in 1845. The primary responsibility of the Colonial Surgeon was to look after policemen and prisoners in the goal]

[Two months before his death, Francis Dill proclaimed Hong Kong to be the healthiest British Colony in the Orient.]


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