Friday, September 13, 2013

Atkinson, John Mitford (1887-1912)

John M. Atkinson
updated September 1, 2013

b. December 3, 1856 – d. May 23, 1917, London. MB (Lond.) 1881; MBCS, (Eng.); LSA (Lond.) 1878; DPH (Cantab.) 1894. Resident Medical Officer, St. Mary Abbott's Infirmary, Kensington 1878-85. Medical Officer, No. 3 District St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington 1885-87. Hong Kong November 17, 1887. Hong Kong Government, Supeerintendent, Government Civil Hospital and Medical Officer, Small-pox Hospital and Government Lunatic Asylums 1887; Acting Colonial Surgeon 1895; Principal Civil Medical Officer and President, Sanitary Board 1897-1912; Legislative and Executive Councils 1903-12. Public Vaccinator September 12, 1891. Helped found Victoria Hospital for Women and Children, Barker Road 1897. Lecturer in Physiology, HKCMC [n.d.]-1891. Received commendation from Secretary of State for services during plague 1898. FRCI 1887. President, Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine 1912. Retired, London 1912 after 25 years in Hong Kong. RAMC, Major July 26, 1915; head of the Richmond Military Hospital 1915; resigned, spring 1916. Publications: Plague Procedure in Hong Kong, British Medical Journal December 15, 1906. Club: Hong Kong Club.

s/o Rev. S. Atkinson.

Selected bibliography: Evans, Dafydd Emrys (Ed.) Constancy of Purpose, Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1987. The Hong Kong Government Gazette, September 19, 1891, Notice #389.


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