Friday, September 13, 2013

Anderson, James William (1924-1946+)

updated September 4, 2013

MBBS (Edin.) 1922. Registered to practice Hong Kong April 16, 1924 through EOP. Private practitioner, 1924-EOP,  Drs. Jordan, Forsyth, Grove & Aubrey 1924. JP (unofficial) 1941. RAMC, Surgeon, Temporary Major; Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, POW 1941-45; Surgeon, British Military Hospital (Bowen Road Hospital) 1942-45. Post-war whereabouts unknown.

Selected bibliography: Bowie, Donald C., Captive Surgeon in Hong Kong: The Story of the British Military Hospital, Hong Kong 1942-1945, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Vol. #15, 1975. The Hong Kong Government Gazette, April 16, 1924, Notice #211. Hong Kong's War Crimes Trials Collection [internet]. Welcome Library › Nutrition [internet].


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